Protexall Safari Charlie Gun Lubricant 11 Ounce Aerosol Can

Protexall Safari Charlie Gun Lubricant 11 Ounce Aerosol Can
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Safari Charlie is a superior gun lube and protectant.
1.    Release agent lifts rust, dirt, grime, grease and even drives out moisture
2.    Lube does not attract dust, dirt, powder residue on guns and Safari Charlie does not sling off moving parts
3.    Non-petroleum greaseless qualities retard gum-up or build-up
4.    Removes gun powder burns.
5.    With Safari Charlie you get superior clean and lube action. Reduces heating and friction for longer durations
6.    Neutralizes finger acid and protects expensive metal gun surfaces
7.    Lube works to 65 F below zero
8.    Many claim separate products are not necessary for cleaning prior to lubrication with Safari Charlie
9.    Contains no Teflon, no Silicone, no wax, no graphite or anything that can scrape off or build up.

Safari Charlie’s Gun Lube PLUS’ unique ingredients provide SUPERIOR gun protection, deep surface cleansing and longer lasting – improved lubrication. Our unique advanced technology cleaner-lube has proven SUPERIOR during the most demanding gun operations, especially when the lube is used in extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Sporting guns and Military/Police weapons function smoothly and with more reliably when cleaned and lubricated with Safari Charlie’s Gun Lube. Our negatively-charged synthetic product repels water, dust, dirt, and powder residue and at the same time, provides longer-lasting greaseless gun lubrication. This lube even neutralizes finger print acid and provides higher quality protection for expensive metal surfaces.

Coating metal surfaces with our non-petroleum based Safari Charlie’s cleaning gun lubricant lays down a cleaned “molecular cushion” that provides the best of lubrication between closely positioned and ultra-fast moving parts. Safari Charlie Gun Lube either eliminates or greatly reduces collection of debris, undesired high level of friction, increased accumulation of heat and absorption of moisture on your gun’s metal surfaces. Conversely, petroleum lubes attract dust, dirt and powder residues that actually hold-in heat and moisture, unlike our Safari Charlie lubricant. Petroleum gumming along with other foreign material build-up increases friction – heating that causes excessive drag and unwanted wear on moving gun parts. This increased friction – heating causes faulty operations (jamming) and also reduces operational life (break-downs).


Lubricates guns better than anything

Safari Charlie Gun Lube gives superior metal protection and cleans rust, dirt, grease and grime. Guns of all type can benefit from our metal cleaning lubricant in multiple ways. Our non-petroleum based product creates a molecular cushion in between moving metal parts. It is effective even in the extreme temperatures created by the fast reacting parts of a gun.


This metal lubricant works like no other! Petroleum based lubricants attract debris that can lock in heat and moisture. This locked in heat increases friction and causes wear on your parts, creating unwanted effects and may even contribute to gun malfunctions. Safari Charlie Gun Lube helps repel debris and protects from sticking, effectively keeping all the components cool and well lubricated.

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WEIGHT 2 lbs
DIMENSIONS 2 × 2 × 8 in

11 oz Aerosol


12 Pack Case, 1 Each

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