Protexall L.C. Wax Alumaslick Lubricant 11 Ounce Aerosol Can

Protexall L.C. Wax Alumaslick Lubricant 11 Ounce Aerosol Can
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A spray lubricant that cleans and restores luster to aluminum and protects from corrosion for months.
 Use a nylon pad soaked in Alumaslick’s cleaning lubricant solution to renew oxidized or salt-corroded windows and door frames, outdoor furniture, marine hardware, etc. Wipe excess oxidation from window frames with a rag and polish with a clean coat of AlumaSlick.
  • Quick penetration and release.
  • Long Lasting lubrication.
  • Cleans corrosion and tarnish.
  • Protects from saly corrosion.
  • Reduces wear.
  • Stops squeaks, bumps, klunks, clinks.
 Use on:
Awnings, Jalousies, Sliding Doors & Windows, Storm Shutters, Hinges, Folding & Extension Doors

Aluminum Cutting and Drilling Fluid: Apply to cutting surface of toll at point of contact with aluminum. Contains special additives to improve cutting

Aluminum Cleaner and Lubricant Spray

As its popularity grows, the use of aluminum alloys have greatly increased in recent years. Your day to day operations will depend on aluminum parts and equipment more than ever. “L.C. Wax”/Alumaslick is a specially formulated spray lubricant that releases and penetrates quickly. With simply spray application this lubricant cleans and restores aluminum.

In addition to” L.C. Wax”/ Alumaslick’s cleaning power; the specially formulated wax base lubricates and protects from friction. Friction can wear down your aluminum equipment and significantly reduce their life span, creating unnecessary cost to your operations.

Unlike other metal alloys that can rust over, aluminim is only susceptible to corrosion. Spray all your aluminum parts with “L.C. Wax / Alumaslick cleaning lubricant and remove any build-up corrosion, as well as prevent it from happening again. The spray penetrates in tight spots for amazing lubrication protection.

Spray lubricant products that can make the difference

Whether your running a small operation, or managing a multi million dollar operation, your success is dependent on your equipment functioning without a hitch. No matter the job you’re undertaking, our spray lubricants can keep your machinery clean, well lubricated and protected from poor operation as well as possible failures. Cheaper spray solutions cannot compete with the long lasting protection our specially formulated lubricant offers. Our products are rapidly growing in popularity as more people in the industry start to see the results. Be part of our revolution; give your operations that extra edge of dependability and unmatched lubrication.

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