Seco-Larm Enforcer SK-910RBQ 1-Channel RF Receiver, 315MHZ


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Seco-Larm Enforcer SK-910RBQ 1-Channel RF Receiver, 315MHZ

Product Description

The SECO-LARM Enforcer 1-Button Wireless Transmitter sends your commands up to 500 feet to a 1-Channel RF Receiver, which relays your command to its intended device. This transmitter/receiver system is extremely secure, with over 68 billion possible fixed codes. Works great with all Electric Strikes, Magnetic Locks, and even the ADA EZ Door Operator.

Be prepared for today's thieves with SECO-LARM's patented CODEBUMP technology. With CODEBUMP, so-called code-grabbers and scanners are rendered obsolete because the RF code changes every time the transmitter button is pressed. In addition, with over 18 quintillion (1.8x1019) codes, the chances of ever repeating a code are virtually non-existent. SECO-LARM's ENFORCER CODEBUMP transmitters and receivers are perfect for controlling garage and gate openers, car and home alarms, plus much more.


  • Form 'C' type; 10A@24VDC or 120VAC per channel.
  • Frequency 315MHz.
  • This revolutionary receiver incorporates:
  • -- 1. Hi-Q SELECTIVITY and a CODING IC for rejecting unwanted RF signals.
  • -- 2. HIGHER SENSITIVITY for greater operating distances.
  • -- 3. UNSURPASSED ANTENNA MATCHING CAPABILITIES so the receiver is less affected by how and where mounted.
  • -- 4. GREATER TUNING STABILITY so the receiver's frequency remains unaffected by shock and vibration.
  • LED indicates RF reception, learn mode entered, transmitter learned, memory cleared.
  • Mode switch for easy transmitter learning.
  • Learns up to 15 transmitters.
  • 5 Output modes (programmable): 4-Second momentary, 1-Second momentary, Toggle, Validity
  • (Validity: receiver outputs for as long as the transmitter button is pressed), Latch.
  • Screw terminals for simple connection.
  • Accepts ENFORCER fixed code or CODEBUMP transmitters.

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