Bosch D1S60 Series Request to Exit Detector

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Bosch D1S60 Series Request to Exit Detector

Product Description

The DS160 is a Passive Infrared Detector (PIR) which is UL Listed as an Access Control Device under the UL 294 Standard. It is designed for “Request To Exit” (REX) interior applications. The technology designed into the DS160 is based on the principle that all objects emit infrared energy. The warmer an object is, the more infrared energy emitted. Its Passive Infrared technology allows the DS160 to detect the change in infrared energy that occurs when a person passes through its field of view.

The DS160 has features such as Sequential Logic Input (SLI) which eliminates unauthorized entry. SLI allows you to arm the detector using any dry contact device, including a second detector, a card reader, or the access control system. This opens up many possibilities to better control this type of application.

A built-in sounder can be activated automatically if the door has been propped open, and can be controlled from any dry contact device. The DS160 detection pattern provides a dense “C” shaped coverage that is ideal for most request to exit applications. In addition, complete pattern control allows it to be adjusted to a single zone, placed over a doorknob, for example.

There are 15 possible coverage patterns to accommodate most applications. This, combined with the ability to monitor the door and intelligently control the lock, adds considerable security to these types of applications. The DS160 uses Motion Analyzer II signal processing to help prevent false activation due to environmental conditions.

The relay output consists of two Form “C” contacts that can be adjusted to latch from approximately 0.5 to 64 seconds. The latch time features two modes of operation, resettable (where the relay timer will not time out as long as someone is in the field of view) and non-resettable (where the relay will remain latched for a fixed period of time).

The relay can also be programmed to fail safe or fail secure in the event of power loss. The DS160 may either be ceiling or wall mounted, and its pattern may be aimed and/or masked for more effective use based upon installation needs. It is not designed as a primary means of exit for emergency egress applications.



Operating Temperature: -29°C to +49°C (-20°F to +120°F) For UL Certificated installations, 0°C to +49°C (+32°F to +120°F)
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Immunity: No alarm or setup on critical frequencies in the range from 26 MHz to 1000 MHz at 50 V/m
Complies with Environmental Class II (EN50130-5)  
Coverage  8' x 10'
Dimensions: 4.5 cm x 17.1cm x 4.4 cm (1.80 in. x 6.75 in. x 1.75 in.)
Material: High impact ABS plastic enclosure
Power Loss Default: Programmable fail-safe or fail-secure modes.
Timer: Programmable reset accumulative or non-reset counting mode.
Current Draw: 8 mA nominal standby current, 39 mA at 12 VDC in alarm
Voltage: 12 VAC or VDC to 30 VAC or VDC
Alarm Output: Two Form C relay contacts each rated 1 A at 30 VAC or VDC for resistive loads
Indicators: 1 activation LED

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